Bechnoll and Zephylrin are compare!

Bechnoll and Zephylrin are compare!


There are various types of aphrodisiacs.
I tried to compare the high Bekunoru and Zefarurin evaluation of the reviews among them.


Bekunoru also Neither Zefarurin you can expect an effect that will increase the penis.
In Which is how much can be expected to effect?


The effects and component this time, I would like to compare the price.


Are the three points that determined by the energetic agent comparison?





There are important points when comparing the energy agent.


Aphrodisiacs is roughly divided into, it will be divided into two kinds of types with the erection drugs and penis enhancement effect.


Since Bekunoru also Zefarurin also has a penis enlargement effect, this time in particular, there is a penis enhancement effect
We need to determine whether the energetic agent.


Please try to reference.



ベクノール,ゼファルリン,精力,マカ,クラチャイダム,女性,妊活,不妊,減退,勃起,増大,バイアグラ,比較,対策 Be careful with energy agent having a penis increase effect


It contains the component to increase the penis


There is a relatively fast-acting







It is it is natural the ingredients of penis enlargement effect is to check whether the entered the aphrodisiacs.


As a famous ingredient L- citrulline, L- tryptophan, and L- arginine.
Is possible to ensure that these components are entered is important.



Relatively there is fast-acting energy agents say, because those types continue to drink would quit the effect can not be realized.


Since the energetic agent is not never cheap, it does not continue to have no effect.
I think we not continue and there is no something of the effect in about a month?



Because it is important to continue to be drinking with respect to price, we want to avoid too high ones.


It is troubled not continue to drink higher even if there is a long-awaited effect.
There is the hand of a little empty the sense to drink, I do not want to do originally.

Were compared Bechnoll and Zephylrin !!






A whopping 97.6 percent or more of the men have been feeling the effects. Is even more peace of mind supplement domestically.


The Bekunoru by activating the growth hormone and the male hormone, is a supplement to increase the penis without further burdening.


The base Knorr contains arginine, tryptophan, ornithine, a variety of active ingredients, such as vitamin B6.







  • Arginine helps the synthesis of the growth hormone and the male hormone to promote blood circulation.
  • Tryptophan, creates a secretion prone body environment of growth hormone by the secretion of serotonin.
  • Ornithine hydrochloride, allowed to recover the fatigue, you create a healthy cells nurture easy body environment by increasing the liver function.
  • Vitamin B6 is, creating a red blood cells by keeping constant the amount of water in the body, it has the effect of improving the flow of blood.


Thus component is to be effective to increase the penis itself in addition to energy.


The price plane will be cheaper to bulk buying. Depending on the number of bulk buying, but it is a 3800 yen 19200 yen discount.


























  • 有機マカ末は男性ホルモンの分泌を促す効果がある
  • 冬虫夏草菌糸体はキノコの一種で強壮・精力増強、ペニスの細胞組織を回復させる効果も期待
  • マムシは性欲増進、滋養強壮性欲増進に効果がある
  • 朝鮮人参じゃ血流を改善する
  • トンカットアリエキスは貴重なハーブとして昔から精力剤として使われてきています
  • アカガウクルアは天然のバイアグラと呼ばれるほどEDの改善、精力アップに使われています


















Was evaluated from the components and word-of-mouth was compared with the effect and efficacy, it seems Zefarurin is above effect, on price.


However, more of Zefarurin the component basis is above a little bit.


As a feature of the reviews of Zefarurin
Al relatively immediate resistance
Person - 80% - 90% many people are feeling the effects
Certain and sustainable force of erection


There was opinion that.



Bekunoru also Zefarurin also becomes cheaper in bulk buying on price, Zefarurin you can buy in when you pay in bulk buying.


Please be First started drinking from Zefarurin.